About us

Intitute of Mobile Technologies for Education and Culture

IMOTEC is a private non-profit institution, established in 2005 and  based in Vilnius, Lithuania. The Institute is offering guidance in advanced technologies and providing consultancy, training, developments and related services as far as knowledge of ICT and mobile technology are concerned.

The Institute goals include promoting high quality competences in international co-operation based on applying new technologies and internet tools with the regards to development of knowledge society. 

The Institute objectives are:

  • To promote and coordinate initiatives dedicated to application of innovative technologies in education.
  • To counsult and manage projects related to ICT and new learning/teaching strategies.
  • To counsult, initiate and support community in ICT and mobile technology use in education.
  • To provide digital services: creation, development and maintance of the web learning platforms and mobile (Android) based app.
  • To foster use of the mobile learning tools in education.
  • To promote training courses on Project Management.

Our Team


Vilma Ferrari

Director / Project Manager /Consultant

MSc in Educational Leadership and Management,
MSc in Pedagogy (Informatics), MSc in Engineering (Chemistry and Environmental protection).

Mario Di Pasquale

IT administrator

Front end developer.
Android app developer. WordPress specialist.
Graphic designer.
SEO expert.

Paolo Venanzetti

IT administrator/ Programmer

Back end programming: Java, Oracle and MySQL. Android app developer. Front end programming: Javascript, HTML, CSS.

Danutė Baniulytė

Accountant / UAB Personal Income
Years experience
Completed projects

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